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Back in shape;)

February 7, 2016

Yesterday, I was out on my bicycle for the first time after my fall in October ! really nice to be able to get around a bit faster than on my feet. I also moved around with heavy archive boxes and today I was out in the garden and back to work IMAG2692#1so I could continue to cut the branches of the old tree for composting out in the hedges or the compost heap, IMAG2693 really nice to feel that I’m back in shape and able to do the same as I could before I fall in the fall :) perhaps it is possible to come on hike this year :)

Already February ! and 67 !

February 3, 2016

I thought I could make a blogpost every day, but it does not work. I believe I have finally accepted and faced the fact that I am 67 and retired ! I’m doing things slower than before and there is nothing wrong with that. I need to recognise that I don’t need to and shouldn’t race away, but just relax and and make life enjoyable ! That may sound easy to do, but for me as a guy who has been doing projects all the way since my childhood, it is not easy, but I start to learn to enjoy sitting and studying old letters and start to write stories. Perhaps I’ll share some stories with you. We will see. Spring is here IMAG2673

Days are going – now back at home at Day 19

January 19, 2016

IMAG2550It was great to be back at “work” and celebrating the 20 years anniversary for our program in Documentation, which started here IMAG2553but after all, I am emeritus, so it was good to go down and see my grandkids, being treated as granddad IMG-20160118-WA0001and after a nice meal at the French book café in CopenhagenIMAG2645#1It was very good to be home and walk a small tour on our road and enjoy living in the countrysideIMAG2647#1

Day 14: Back on campus

January 14, 2016

Today I have been on campus all day ! It is really nice to be back on university and meet my colleagues and have an office for a couple of days, just enough not to be tired of it. I am after all still bib- PROFESSOR emeritus.  Here is a photo from campus about 6 year ago, but I think I still looks very much like that today except that the overalls are much more worn out :)Niels Windfeld Lund

Day 14:Light in the North: Northern lights

January 13, 2016

Last night we saw the light, the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis IMAG2545 it may be difficult to discern on this photo, but it was indeed beautiful to watch despite the very low temperature, and then this morning I came down to thisIMAG2548around 10 am and went to my regular coffee shop IMAG2549wonderful to be back in town, even only for a week ! Tromsø is one of my “homes” and will always be

Day 12: A walk in the North

January 12, 2016

Today after meetings and lecture, I walked down to the southernmost point of TromsøIMAG2506when there still was some light and saw this, not bad  ? It is beautiful up hereIMAG2515

Day 11: Real winter

January 11, 2016

Today we came back to our old town Tromsø, where we lived for almost 20 years, really wonderful city in the far north, where you meet old friends on the street and enjoy the light, even in the dark ! IMAG2503 and it is supposed to be really cold in 2 days, below – 20 c !! but no wind !


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