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From our ancient pilgrimage 2015 : Day 2

August 2, 2015

IMAG8707#1 After a nice cup of coffee at Peter and Inga, we walked down the trail, IMAG8713 away from the old castle, where noblemen had lived, IMAG8727 and down through the inland, the moorland of Denmark, IMAG8712

IMAG8716 with a lot of history. Centuries ago, in the Medieval age and Renaissance, a lot of conflicts between small wannabe kings took place in this region. and later people tried to make a living here in the intermediary region of East and West, the big divide, where small peasants made their best to make a profitable business out of their situation, having bad soil, but also being a meeting place for people from East and West with different needs, so a good place for market places. Finally we came to our next Herberge, in Thorning,where we even got a room for ourselves thanks to a really nice group of people who also were doing this walk, more about them tomorrow IMAG8731

About who I am !

August 1, 2015

I have made many posts about who I am, because I consider this blog as a kind of place to tell about my life and my thoughts about life. As regular readers know, I am very glad for overalls, have almost been obsessed with overalls for many years, but after a trip to the other end of the world, all the way down to Australia, I discovered that perhaps it will be good and more reasonable not to continue to insist on wearing overalls all over! I have not worn overalls all my life. It started in 2001 in California, where I discovered that overalls gave me a physical freedom, free of belt, so I could just breathe all the way up and down. It also gave me a kind of freedom of not being all too careful not to be dirty. As a child I was very afraid of being dirty until I moved to a farm and got dirty out in the field and when I was at my grandmothers summerhouse. I still remember the freedom I felt, when I went in very worn out jeans went to a hotel restaurant with my grandmother. I think that it may be the reason why clothes mean a lot to me when it comes to how I feel. I cannot say that clothes does not matter ! It does for sure for me.
When I 25 years ago, when I was around 40, left a permanent job without having a new one! and thought a lot on life in general, what to do in life etc. I felt a freedom to wear this outfit mig på fanø002
I am wearing a leather jacket from the thrift-store and some work-pants my wife didn’t use anymore, both worn out, giving me a strange kind of freedom, but also a joy of having something on with a kind of history, with a patina. I’m sure it helped to find out what to do in life and now 25 years after, I am also free, now retired and grandfather, IMAG9017#1 and have build this “house” for my grandkids, in my most worn out overalls, my favorite pair of overalls, with a lot of patina, IMAG0974

IMAG0975 yes, I will wear them until it is impossible to keep some threads together! It gives me a lot of energy and confidence to wear them, but and that is the new thing, I must also admit that some time, another suit may be better and give me another freedom, like when I was in the opera in Sydney in Australia, IMAG0273#1 wearing my black silk jacket and new black jeans, casual elegant, giving me the freedom to just go around, being a bit updressed, actually belonging to the most dressed up part of the audience ! After having posted it on Facebook, getting comments and many likes, I thought: well, sometimes it is better to be elegant than hippie-baggy-thrifty guy, and actually it also shows a part of myself, the worn overalls do not show, my taste for opera, for being a part of the opera community, not snobbish, but just good art with elegant clothes and good food. THat leads me to another side of me, the learned scholar, which I realised I am, also in Sydney at our conference, at a reception, celebrating myself, making me very grateful and honoured, but also confident that I don’t need to make excuses for myself, especially not when I also are wearing a casual version of learned style, like this, 11742734_10152867499120683_6445350986616468765_n giving me the freedom just to say what I felt, not being afraid of being misunderstood due to some strange clothes! so all these styles are all me leading to the conclusion that I have as most people have, many sides. Some may say that I have just realised that perhaps one should not insist on one kind of clothing, but find some clothes, which suit the place you are. Right, I am still learning and hopefully will still be learning new things as long as I live. Now I will enjoy my old overalls here at the farmhouse and tomorrow continue my report from our “pilgrimage” tour and later about my trip to Australia, in other words, I am back on the blog.

My Mullein / Verbascum Garden

July 31, 2015

IMAG0968 I have a small garden with only Mullein plants, or in Latin Verbascum and in Danish called King lights! I have always been attracted by this plant, of its pride. As the case is with all flowers, a Mullein/Verbascum is not just a Mullein/Verbascum. There are a whole family with about 360 different species ! I only have 4 of them. The big one is Verbascum densiflorum IMAG0914

IMG_20150728_204514 really royal format ! The other big one is Verbascum Thapsus IMAG0972
and then there are 2 which look a bit alike, verbascum nigrum, dark verbascum, IMAG0910 and Verbascum Chaixii, nettle-leaved mullein IMAG0918
and there are still around 356 species to get, so I have more to do ! and perhaps also a challenge to have them all in our small farmhouse garden, but a few more species would be nice.

From our ancient pilgrimage 2015 – day 1

July 8, 2015

In 2012 we walked down in the Pyrenees, in the Valley of Campan and in the Lot Valley, visiting Laury. This year, we stayed in Denmark and went on one of the northernmost routes for the pilgrims all the way back to the ancient ages, but also a route for armies and for traders with 100s of cattle slowly but steady walking on their legs, either 2 or 4.
We started in Viborg, IMAG8697 one of the oldest cities in Denmark, with cathedral, court, military fort, market and in the very old days, a bourse for stock exchange, a central place for all kinds of power in society. I forgot to take photos of all that, so you have to imagine that we are leaving one of the old bastions of power except for one of the old and very important places in Viborg, one of the old restaurants / pubs “latinerly” where we got some substantial food before starting out
IMAG8684 then we walked out on the trail
IMAG8689 and passed a church, in which there was a large embroidered canvas, telling some of the stories about the ancient pilgrimage route we were starting on. IMAG8694 very beautiful, and then we walked about 10-14 km,mostly in rain, before we came to the first very simple hostel. IMAG8703 and then we could get some food and start documenting the tour in the diary. IMAG8701 Most beds were occupied by a group of people, also starting to all the way down to the Danish-Germany border within 2 week, about 300 km. quiet ambitious I must admit now, but lets see how it went on the second day, where we started with coffee in this house with some friends, who offered the first morning coffee on the tour. IMAG8707 Stay tuned for next chapter about 2nd day.

hello, perhaps not much to tell, but anyway

April 23, 2015

IMAG8080 the other day, I went to one of our oldest buildings in our local area, the cathedral of Vestervig, originally build as a a church for a monastery, but now one of the largest village churches in Denmark, build in the roman era, around 1100 a.c. but before I came to the church, there is this small stable, build at the same time, so beautiful with the trees marked by the wind coming from the west, reminding me about all the ancient buildings we visited 2012 down in France, whole villages with ancient houses, so I’m happy that we have a few of them around here. It was foggy that day, but when I came out of the fog and came to the church, IMAG8122 I really enjoyed the old artistic sculptural image, showing two humans and two devilish creatures, IMAG8115 and the portal before entering the church IMAG8114 and see the beautiful spaceIMAG8097 before I went home with a good feeling of living in a place with a lot of history, more about that in coming posts

Spring time

April 9, 2015

IMAG8078 It’s time to open the door and get out and prepare the soil for seedingIMAG8075 and enjoy the start of growth and bloomingIMAG8077 especially my Mullein/Verbascum brought from the Pyrenees to my farmhouse IMAG8073 a lot of small, but beautiful things to enjoy, being an essential part of trying to survive mentally in the middle of a lot of terrible news from other parts of the world, take care all over !IMAG8079

Why are most of my overalls friends women ?

March 1, 2015

The other day one of my overalls friends, Tammy had birthday making me think of why most of my overalls friends are women,Laury , Lisa , Susan and only one man, Kelly ?

Then the answer came in an indirect way reading a blog by a man, who loves to wear overalls and has started, guess what, a WAR of overalls, a war between the different brands of overalls, oh my goodness, I thought. Then I realised that most men, who are fans of overalls, are also fans of war, of being bullish and macho! making overalls a kind of : here I’m coming strong and powerful! ok, but that’s not why I am wearing overalls! Perhaps all this has also something to do with the fact that as University professor I’m not supposed to wear overalls, but to wear jacket and jeans, and women are not supposed to wear overalls, but to wear dresses or jeans. I’m wearing overalls because they make me feel free and able to breathe all the way from top to bottom, to jump or dance, be childish, if you like, have fun,relax, and NOT suppose to promote myself, but be comfortable with myself and feel inner peace and not afraid of being dirty, IMAG5341 and ready for making things in the gardenIMAG5868, in the kitchen,IMAG7308IMAG7828 being creative or walking on the beach IMAG3372 etc. I also love knitting, not in the sense of knitting myself, but to use the results of my wife’s knittingIMAG7850 match excellent with my overalls and I love to buy yarn in different places, to choose the color of the yarn, and I love the micro aesthetics of worn out overalls IMAG2281 so of course it is not strange that my friends are people who love to work in the garden, to make food, to knit or paint, etc. and the fact that these guys are women, well that’s how the world is! I’m glad to have all these friends making me feel an ok guy, even if I happen to be of different gender than most of them. They seem not to care so I don’t need to care either so I better just continue to enjoy my good friendships.


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