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bib overalls – why is that so special ?

April 1, 2007

I am wondering why some people are very negative towards bib overalls and some are so dedicated to overalls, talking about being buried in overalls etc. How can it be that a piece of clothes becomes so special ? In U.S.A. it is quite normal, especially on farms, but also, at least in California. But not in town and not at all when you are an academic! You become special when you wear overalls all the time !! I have seen some discussions among farmgirls/farmwomen, what about male farmers, perhaps they have no time for discussing that kind of stuff.

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  1. sk8ben permalink
    April 9, 2007 2:09 pm

    The expression ‘the clothes do not make the man’ springs to mind. This is both true and untrue in my point of view.
    Of course, to a certain extent you wear clothes that you think gives people the impression that you want to project. But your personality is still the same, with or without clothes.
    When you wear certain clothes people will expect you to behave in a certain way.

    A few weeks ago I saw a TV programme about how people reacted to a man in uniform and in his civil clothes.
    Standing by a staircase in a train station he would ask people to shift their bag to the left hand or to refrain from touching the hand rail, stupid stuff like that.
    Wearing a uniform most people actually did what they were asked without questioning it. In his civil clothes everybody completely ignored him.

    My point is, people will react to the way we dress whether we like it or not and this is not easily changed.

  2. bibprofessor permalink*
    April 9, 2007 7:25 pm

    People react to you in any case and I wonder how one could define personality ! How is our personality being made ? Big Questions I know. If one claims that a personality may be a very complex thing, it may possible to emphasize some dimensions of that through your clothes. Clothes like uniforms as well as overalls are often related to certain social groups and it gets really complicated when you have to relate a certain personality,for instance your own, to some characteristics of some social groups. Some persons fits better into some groups than other groups, some times difficult to explain why it is like that.
    Going back to the starting point, the overalls. There are some, like me !, who just feel more free and themselves, when they wear overalls instead of other kinds of clothes. I will claim that I am not the same person, when I have some other clothes on, like a suit or usual jeans! Am I wrong ?

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