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who am I,really? what about an overall ethnicity/identity ? bibs as folk costume ?!

April 5, 2007

Well, I am born in a city in Denmark, born out of a family with peasants and merchants, grew up as teenager on a sheep farm, learned to drive a tractor and became an historian and teacher on a Library School. After some years I and my family moved to a small island with a very strong feeling of being something special and having their own folk costumes. But I was not born there, so I could not really feel that identity. When we moved up to Norway after some years we experience May 17th. when people are wearing their folk costumes and again I dont really belong to that category either. Neither to the indigenous people up here, also having their own folk costumes. But then 6 years ago, I went to California and finally found my folk costume, the bibs ! bib overalls!! I really feel that I am myself when I am wearing my bibs. I have bibs for different occassions, for christmas, for classes on University, for working in the garden etc.
I know that there are other people having it in the same way as I do, so why not making a bib festival?, or a special BIB day ?? , oh no, every day is a bib day !!

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