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you create many of your roots as you travel through life world wide

April 9, 2007

Again, I won’t say that my ancestors do not mean anything for me, of course they do. I must admit my genetic heritage and no less all the stories being told in my family. Still, I believe it is possible to root yourself to a large extent by making you at home in different places around the world. You do that by getting some job and make you more or less indispensable in a place you like! It may sound a bit too smart, but the main point here is that you do not in advance refrain yourself from making a new place to your new “home”. Well, if you go to a place and say: “wow, here is it wonderful to be, this is my home!” most people will appreciate that and you may be able to get friends for life, even if you move to another place. Today, with Internet, email and blogs, it makes it even easier to keep the contact with people and really live as a world citizen with fellows around the world. I may have a local community after all, but it is distributed or decentralized in many places on the earth.

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