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Is it excessive to wear overalls all the time ?

April 14, 2007

It is still strange to me why is it so special to wear overalls, regarding both people like myself, who can’t help preferring to wear overalls all the time and those people, who find it ugly and only for farmers etc.
I just ran into this story, , about Nancy who in a great video-clip, tells that she owns more than 30 overalls and with joy and love describes how she keeps all her overalls working by patching and over patching etc. and how wonderful she felt it, when she lost weight in ’93 enabling her to wear overalls, accomplishing an old dream!. She has overalls for every time of the year, black overalls for Christmas (like myself, take a look, here But now something has happened, because she now believes it may too excessive just to wear overalls; it becomes a problem for her!. Then she gots an advice from Cojo, a fashion expert in a talk show, who says “I really believe in feeling good about yourself and putting something decent on. I think people are down when they just go to something rumpled and dirty – they look depressed” Then Nancy gets some decent jersey dress etc.
I feel really sorry for Nancy. Why is people necessary down and depressed when they have dirty overalls on ?? How can she continue to work in the garden and kitchen and enjoy the weekends in the same way as before wearing lovely worn out, old patched and repatched overalls?
I will hope that Nancy some day gets across one of her overalls-colleagues, Susan at Susan has really some good arguments in case, somebody told her that it was too excessive to wear overalls. Take a look here where Susan among other things says that if she cannot go to a place in overalls, it may not be a place worth going ! That’s clear speech.

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