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“where did you get these overalls ? I love overalls” – remark on Upper Westside Manhattan

October 6, 2007

This morning I walked here on the Upper West side of Manhattan, 73rd street and a woman went by and asked me: “where did you get these overalls?” I said San Francisco and she said: she could not find them in New York. When she was a child, she had 6 brothers, they were poor and she got the used overalls from them and she just loved overalls !!

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  1. Nicholaus R. Buthmann permalink
    May 9, 2008 11:25 am

    COOL!! I wish there were hickory stripe, olive green, classic camoflage, as well as corderoy colors brown, powder blue, black, purple, pink ( for the girls ), etc.. A few still can be found, but not the plethora of the old days. I wish I had a little more capital and a better sales pitch, I would ride the train down south to Los Angeles, to the garment district or a mid western city who has the capabilities to market, sell, and manufacture the above mentioned bib overalls. I’m particularly unhappy with the established boys in most cases for being so short-sighted in the above. Carhardtt, for quit making their hickory striped, Osh Kosh decided to only focus on children ( shortsighted ), no more casual wear/utility classic camoflage oavies or bright color oavies (“Liberty” & Bunch of others). Big Mac, Big Smith, Sears-“Roebuck’s”, Hell, “Lee quit all together, except for 1980’s & 90’s stuff. “Guest” stupid wannabees of the eighties and early nineties. Yeah, I am a dedicated customer and fan of classic bib overalls (circa 1950’s – 1990’s ). However, I’m also a business minded gentleman, who annylizes the bubinesses f**k ups of these short sighted manufacturers!!!!!

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