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Revisiting Nancy in overalls – once discovered the comfort of overalls, hard to change that !

September 5, 2009

IODsmallDo you remember my post back in 2007 about the overalls fan from New York, Nancy,in a fashion show, where the Cojo fashion guy tried to persuade Nancy to give up her beloved overalls, well, I felt sad for her ! and now, yesterday, there was a follow up to see how well Cojo was doing his overhaul with Nancy, and I am so happy to see Nancy back in her overalls ! and she says that she went back to her overalls almost immediately after the show in 2006 ! and if you see in the comments, peoples agree and even Cojo admits that you should wear what you want to wear ! so hurrae for that ! it could be fun to have Nancy joining us on overalls day !

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  1. September 16, 2009 4:31 pm

    Thank you for leaving a comment on Design Inspiration about my overalls.
    International Overalls Day. What a deliciously balmy idea. I will tell our readers, many of whom are decorative painters and possibly wearers of the overall. Bring on the 20th!

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