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Happy Halloween from bibprofessor – and thoughts about overalls vs business suit !

October 31, 2009

31102009(001)31102009(004)Happy Halloween from up here in dark North, and I have already given the first sweets to kids on our street coming in their costumes ! no matter that it is big commercial event ! it is in any case nice to have this event bringing some festivities to the neighborhood on an ordinary Saturday ! but I am also longing to San Francisco with all kinds of pumpkin lanterns and going to the opera this evening, where most of the audience is just as much in fantastic costumes as the actors on stage ! but now I am here in the North and that’s fine, especially when I can listen to Mission Bohemeia cd bought at my favorite cafe La Boheme2782866622_4ca2bb2d36 so I admit, I am longing after my second home, San Francisco, where I 8 years ago discovered the qualities of overalls ! and then to this question about overalls and why all this talk about overalls ! Well, overalls are no guarantee for being liberal or hippie, in fact very conservative farmers wear overalls all the time ! but overalls give everybody wearing them an opportunity to breathe all the way down without restricting belts etc. so no matter if you are right or left or in the middle, you can stand more sturdy in overalls than something dividing you on the middle and much better insist on being yourself independent of your point of view ! and I know some would be worried and unsure to wear overalls when doing business, especially in cities, but see for instance Farmer Jones and I have done it myself when I was to cocktail party in Franceand I am now into opera business, a very stylish world, but for that I have now convinced my wife to knit a very stylish woolen jacket to go along with my black overalls ! so it is possible if you are creative ! and to finish this post I will also refer to my genetic roots ! an old merchant who wore the clothes he liked until they almost fell off him, so when some of my old friends are asking me to change style in order to look like a rich guy or a VIP, Very important person, I am saying no! and the very big quality by insisting on that is that you can survive no matter you are becoming unemployed, need to survive on a minimum etc. be happy in a simple lifestyle no matter how big or small projects you are doing or doing it with kings or people on the street ! so Evelyn give it an extra thought or a try before you buy business suit instead of overalls as mentioned in our dear friend and one of the really overalls guys Laury’s blog today, have a nice weekend and halloween!

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  1. Laury A. Bourgeois permalink
    November 1, 2009 4:07 am

    I vote that Evelyn buys herself a business suit and overalls! Don’t you think those overalls would be perfect in her perky, new, red Smart Car named Mis Red Belle?

  2. bibprofessor permalink*
    November 1, 2009 8:27 am

    sure, I completely agree ! one needs both options to have work life working ! actually I am later today on my way on a 10 days business tour with silk jacket and black jeans as well as my overalls ! so yes, I will look forward to see Evelyn in both and of course especially in overalls in Mis Red Belle, Evelyn forgive us for this overalls lobbying ! have a nice Sunday

  3. November 1, 2009 5:18 pm

    Today I went to an importand dinner today, I was thinking what to wear, I get my best overalls and a nice t shirt and just put it on, and get to the dinner , i feel relaxt, overalls and me is one !

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