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why not an overall society ? thoughts inspired by the 60ties/70ties, but not completely the same!

November 26, 2009

Hi folks, while many of you are having your Thanksgiving dinner, perhaps wearing overalls ?, and before some of you, perhaps not many, but many of your fellow citizens are going crazy on black Friday, I will take the freedom to come up with some general thoughts after having read several comments on our first overalls day here on this blog and other blogs and facebook etc.. I really begin to think that overalls are not just a fantastic clothing item, but also a symbol for a way of thinking and living !
I was young in the late 60ties and early 70ties and there was a lot of fun going on and one of the big things was the liberation of women, demanding equal rights for both women and men, fine of course no problem, but….. one of the problematic things at least viewed from my angle, was that very often men and women went to separate gatherings and in a way developed two different cultures ending up with our current situation, where in some way you have equal rights, but there are also a quite strong system of different roles affiliated with each gender, on what is masculine and feminine behavior and outfit ! Well, I know it might not be a much out in the countryside, but in cities and in many, many communities worldwide, there are quite strong gender roles determining what you are expected to do and to look like ! And now I come to the overalls ! One of the qualities for males as wells as for females by wearing overalls is that you can choose to be fancy, to take a scarf and become a little chick or work hard in either kitchen, garden, in the factory and even teach your students ! You don’t need to decide whether you want to follow general female roles or male roles, but you can be a whole overall being taking into account that we all have some of both cells and develop some kind of more flexible ways of living. If you are a man in a biological sense and want to knit, make cookies as well as sail or go hunting etc. you can do all the things at different time! So in other words, let’s open up the fixed gender roles and have a more diverse and colorful way of life. Another characteristic dimension in the 60ties/70ties, especially among the hippies, was to recycle clothes, to patch the clothes etc. not to always buy new clothes, special brands etc. This has also dwindled quite a lot, so nowadays you are usually expected to follow the main clothing culture, more or less buying clothes all the time ! I know it might not be as much the case in the countryside as in urban culture, but I am reading very often that it is a painful process for many of you, going to something, where you need to dress up, often in some tight outfit, limiting your capacity of breathing all the way down from top to toe!
So in addition to improving organic food, more vegetables etc. as many of you are working with, I would be so happy if we could start moving into a social climate for flexible gender roles and making old worn out clothes cool, I would be really happy and I am sure that it would also help to make the world more peaceful ! Now I stop and I would be happy to get comments, both supportive and critical comments are of course welcome and I finish with two shots of my scones and a view from our window watching the colors in this dark afternoon of the North. LOL from your bibprofessor and happy continued holidays

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  1. November 27, 2009 1:39 pm

    Well, you make perfect sense! I guess that means I would not have to struggle with feeling like I was not “girlie” enough. Wonderful post. Have a great day!

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