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Centennial for my father ! reflections and thoughts !

January 24, 2010

Today it is 100 year since my father was born and grew up in Denmark and became a farmer working on large Danish manors and in 1930 he emigrated to Canada to settle down and get his own farm and he was according to what I have been told (my father passed away in 1979, 69 years old) he had a fiancé over there, but got ill and went back to Denmark and met my mother but anyway, this photo of him and the blackfoot Indian (chief?) still keeps me asking whether there are still some connections over there ! at least I feel very connected to the North american world, USA as well as Canada ! to the melting pot culture, perhaps that is why I feel so at home in my old jeans jacket (got it from my brother in 63 !) and my bibs ! so I cannot just say that I’m Danish, even if I am born in Denmark and love to see the Royal Guard making their parade in Copenhagen, The other thing I like thinking of my father is that he was not only a farmer, but also an architect and made these nice kind of houses so in other words, you don’t need to have only one profession, but you can be many things through your life ! so I hope my father rests in peace and I wish that as many people as possible around the globe are as lucky as I have been in order to can create your own life in the ways you like and see it all as one big explorative expedition ! have a nice Sunday and I hope many of you have the opportunity to enjoy some of the beauty of life in our comfortable overalls !:)

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