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Overalls party next week in Brooklyn, March 18, from 7pm !

March 12, 2010

When we had our first international overalls day, Laury in France organized an overalls party in her chatette. Now we will continue celebrating the overalls year 2010 with an overall gathering at a new café in Brooklyn, Café Royal, 195 Nassau Ave, at Humboldt and Nassau, on March 18 next week, from 7pm, see more about the café on the brooklyn blog and the dress code is of course overalls, but we won’t act as a dress police, so just come in any case in overalls or not if you are around !
Tea parties have been popular among some people and others have initiated coffee parties as an alternative, but we cut through and make an overalls party ! for simple happy life in overalls, for all ages and gender criss-cross, so if you are not around Brooklyn next week, then make your own overalls party at your place and tell us about it ! yeahh, lets party in overallllls !

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  1. Laury Bourgeois permalink
    March 18, 2010 4:27 am

    Looks like fun Niels. I’m over the hump on my work assignment in Germany and will be back at the Chatette on April 10-I’m already visualizing the feel of putting my overalls back on for the first time in months! Have fun-Laury

  2. Jennifer permalink
    March 18, 2010 6:41 am

    My husband I would love to have come – we live in Manhattan but are heading out to the UK (18th thru 30th March). We’re have been collecting and loving our overalls for nearly 30 years now. We would love to reach out to you for an overall contribution for the book … we have some very cool stories about our overalls (we got engaged in ours). If you are available this afternoon (March 18th) near union square we would love to meet up with you before we head out to the UK.

    Email us please!


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