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overalls – a hot issue – what is it with them ??

April 9, 2010

A few days ago I read one of my overalls sister Maya’s friends SinDe posts on overalls, making me so happy to read about a growing overalls nation, about a street almost wholly populated by overalls folks ! and Maya also wrote about her friends in overall and then today a new post about some crazy folks being against overalls that overalls are awful, that urban males in overalls (like me for instance) are creepy !, well, luckily there are several critical comments defending the overalls ! so overalls are apparently a hot issue, either being declared ugly and awful or the very best clothing item ever invented ! what is with this simple garment, which makes them so hot ! well, a year ago, almost no one discussed overalls, now there is a growing interest going across political interests, religion, work etc. gender, age etc. well, perhaps we must do something with that book ! and the photo is from our overalls party in Brooklyn, with Morgan and Liz, and today, I also noticed a new overalls story, so the discussion and the movement is very alive, overalls greetings from your bibprofessor

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  1. April 9, 2010 6:43 pm


    I still have not made my way onto the sailboat. SinDe rang me up as soon as you posted this article. Oh, my! It seems that while we have welcomed our overalls as a bridge between so many different people with so many different opinions and ideas, there are others who just cannot cross the great divide.

    Let us all hope that our favorite apparel will continue to bring us together in friendship and global citizenship.

    Well, I see the boat is docked, and this old sailor-ette is going aboard. By the way, I see three pairs of overalls on board already. Now, if we could just learn to wear shoes! 🙂

    Best to you and all my brothers and sisters in peace.

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