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Once again on gender roles and how long lived marriage can be a gift !

August 8, 2010

As I have written before, it is possible to go beyond gender roles and live as a team, like my wife and I do, especially this summer where we have built a booth for fire wood, tools and bicycles. It was hard work, but so much fun because we changed roles all the time and came up with creative solutions on how to proceed, when we are only 2 persons with 4 hands, so as you see, sometimes I had the saw and my wife the hammer and then I had the roof glue machine and she has still the hammer, she is good in hammering ! This way of living for husband and wife can be highly recommended although I have given up to convince my wife about the qualities of overalls :)) I must admit that her 3/4 pants are working very well ! so okay let her go, but she is willing to make all the patches on my overalls as long as we work together like we have done this summer :)) ! we just have a wonderful life, and this year we have been married in 30 years and I can tell that it is really nice to know each other so good when you are working a long day with making roof or walls etc.

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