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over all thoughts on languages, identities and dreaming of going to San Francisco !

August 29, 2010

I just got an email about an interesting article in NYtimes on whether language, your mother tongue, determine how you think ! Well, many have contested this claim, but today when I was up in the mountains I was thinking of the fact that I am a Dane, having Danish as my mother tongue, living in Norway, adjusting my daily language making it a kind of “Norwegianized” Danish ! but I am blogging in English, especially on overalls ! WHY ??? Well, most of my overalls friends are Americans, US citizens ! so if I wrote my blog in Danish, very few would probably read it at all ! I don’t think using Danish language would make it closer to who I really am in practice ! perhaps on the contrary ! I feel very much in common with my American friends, not only our shared love of overalls, but also around what happens in the world, like right wing movements in US as well as here in Norway and Denmark ! I also know some of you overalls friends may not agree with me on all things apart from overalls !, but to be honest, I didn’t like the tea party rally yesterday and no less that one of the prominent right wing politicians from Norway have been speaker at one of the recent tea party events, but on the other hand it shows clearly how things are intermingled for good and bad between our parts of the world ! This leads to the thing I am really looking forward to: to go back to California in the coming spring to live half a year in San Francisco, the city where I discovered that overalls was my favorite clothing thing and changed my life completely ! On the photo below, I am sitting in Golden Gate Park in one of my first thrifted pair Big Ben, which I still have, now patched ! so perhaps somehow in practice I am American as well as Scandinavian or let us say World citizen ! may be that is the reason for my project on making an opera house for the global village, more on that in another post !

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