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Hello from San Francisco -good life – overalls heaven on Earth

January 29, 2011

Well, I’m not good at blogging these days, not knowing what to tell, but I must admit that I am so happy to be back in San Francisco, the place where I discovered the joy of overalls 10 years ago, in 2001, and now 10 years late, being a part of the neighborhood, despite having been away 5 years, then greeted by café owners and old colleagues and neighbors, thats really amazing and a privilege to experience that ! I’m a very lucky guy ! and now I’m ready to work here in my overalls and I am wearing almost every day, also on campuses at Berkeley as well as Stanford, yes Stanford ! one has to be careful with prejudices on how to behave on famous campuses ! So I have bought a new pair of overalls to be nice ! I’m going to a high tech workshop on Monday and I might not wear overalls the first day, but perhaps the second day, well we will see, does not matter when I can do it all the other days and having friends around me ! and what I’m doing here, setting up a new kind of opera stage for the global village thanks to new technology, perhaps I should start write about that, but now I’m going to Philz coffee (the photo of me is taken there the other day) and then to Chinese New Year (TODAY) with flower fair and then back home to our beautiful apartment, the house where Santana grew up !, and beat (or try to) my wife in back gammon ! Have a nice weekend, will try to write more ! overall love Niels

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  1. Roland permalink
    February 1, 2011 5:40 pm

    Hi Niels,

    me and my wife are actually heading for San Francisco, too, for doing a postdoc at UCSF.
    I love overalls and wear them basically every day. Can you recommend me a store in SF where I can buy some new overalls? I already tried Kaplan’s when we visited SF, but they only have a small selection. Do you know about Arik’s? Besides that, how frequently do you see people wearing overalls in SF these days?


    • bibprofessor permalink*
      February 1, 2011 5:53 pm

      Hi Roland, I bought some new the other day here on Mission St. forgot the name of the shop, will come back, but Arik here on Mission and I think 22nd or 23rd, is also very good and then Mission Thrift is excellent in nice thrifted overalls !
      well, to be honest, I don’t see many apart from myself, neither here in Mission or on campuses, Berkeley and Stanford, wearing overalls, but I feel a much higher appreciation of that it is ok and cool to wear them than in Scandinavia ! but today, I’m going to a workshop with business people at Stanford so today I am wearing jeans ! but tomorrow back in overalls, and at my lab on Stanford, I’m wearing overalls all the time, there is a very relaxed atmosphere there, music technology lab !

      perhaps see you on a café in SF ?

      • Roland permalink
        February 6, 2011 1:54 am

        Hi Niels,

        thanks a lot for your reply and sorry for not answering earlier, I had to take care of the visa application process in the last days, but now it is approved and I am one step closer to living in SF!
        I will definitely go to Ariks for getting some new pairs of overalls. Sorry to hear that they are not so common in SF right now, but if everyone would wear them, they would become less special, I guess. Might well be that we meet sometime in the near future, I will let you know when I am visiting Berkeley or Stanford, as that is on my todo list anyway.


  2. Laury Bourgeois permalink
    February 4, 2011 5:48 am

    Hi Niels-how did all your overalls scheming to wear or not to wear go on your first and second day? I’ve been thinking about you and your wife-six months in San Francisco-sounds wonderful. And, your stage project sounds ground breaking. Hope it all goes well-I enjoy learning what’s up with you and to also hear from you over at my place. Love, Laury

    • bibprofessor permalink*
      February 4, 2011 6:55 am

      Hi Laury, thanks a lot, well I didn’t wear overalls at the workshop at all, too many Danes !:) being a Dane myself ! but this morning I had my overalls in the backpack and after the first meeting, I changed, so apart from a few exceptions, I’m enjoying a pair of thin old thrifted overalls here in town and on Stanford, and it is really funny to be on that campus, after having heard so much about it of being snobbish etc. etc. people are really nice and relaxed as well as hard working ! just my kind of folks ! and I will write more about this neighborhood, really amazing with fantastic murals and community gardens and the most fantastic cafés ! sometimes you can feel exhausted of all this, but most of the time, we really enjoy the life here ! more to come ! lol Niels

  3. donaleen permalink
    February 7, 2011 3:28 pm

    I wore my overalls for jury duty. I decided that they are how I dress and they might as well get the real me. Besides, I hate sitting and the idea of sitting in less comfortable clothes was too much to bear. Only problem was they set off all the metal detectors and I had to be wanded.

    I call them my bibbies.

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