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hallo blogworld – not much to tell about – enjoying full overalls life !

March 19, 2011

well, I realize really that it is here in California I really can relax, wearing overalls more or less over all, even my old pair of overalls on Stanford campus etc. so I really do not have much to write about. If I did, it would be about making arrangements, having meetings with folks from different departments, with artists, writing emails, making experiments between Tromso and Stanford, using 3 hours to get video up and running etc. etc. and perhaps frustration of not getting answers from busy people etc. etc. not very exciting ! so I really wonder what I should write about ! any suggestions ? Have a nice weekend over all, despite crisis in many parts of the world ! and the first photo is 10 years old, from my first time in Bernal Heights, when I discovered overalls ! and here they are at the first international overalls day well worn out, just perfect !

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  1. April 29, 2011 7:50 pm

    Yes…as I sit here typing…I am wearing my fave (of the moment) Overalls!!
    They are indeed the best!!!

    • bibprofessor permalink*
      April 29, 2011 7:58 pm

      me too, thanks for commenting, I really enjoy your way of combining overalls with other things, been following your blog for a while, you makes it become overalls fashion in a very beautiful way !

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