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two true stories about how overalls are connecting people !

March 22, 2011

Now I have 2 overalls stories to share with you ! First story is about when I 2 days ago went to a movie theatre here in San Francisco, to watch opera HD live from The MET in New York, “Lucia di lammermoor”, a fantastic opera with fantastic singers, and then in the intermission show, there was a report from back stage of the change of sets, and there appeared a woman in red t-shirt and nice blue carhatt overalls, ! apparently a painter making some repair when sets are moved and small damages are made in the surface. But she somehow went around on her own very proud in her blue overalls ! and the funny thing is that some of my best friends in New York, are working at the MET and they thought immediately on me, when they noticed her ! while there were men in brown/black overalls, not singled out, she sort of made a distinctive performance in her overalls. I think red and blue somehow are more visible than gray/brown overalls, especially if the t-shirt also are gray/brown. So overalls are somehow still special !
the other story is from today, when I was sitting and working in one of my favorite cafés in SF, as I almost do every day right now, of course wearing my overalls ! Then I was going to the restroom and then I waited until it was free and then out of the rest room, a woman came out in, guess, overalls of course and smiled, overalls, she said and I said, yes, it is the best thing, and she said, yes, they are so comfortable ! and she left ! Again, somehow, overalls are not that common, so when we, overalls folks, meet fellow overalls lovers, we recognize it and smile ! It made my day ! Have a nice overall day ! and the 2 photos are taken from another café restaurant in Mission, on Valencia ! even overalls does not work if you don’t get some food !:)

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