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why I love Mission in San Francisco

May 27, 2011

Instead of writing about our hiking tour, I just have to express my love of my current neighborhood, my current home, Mission district in San Francisco and why. well, first of all they have some of the best thrift stores, having a lot of overalls, believe me, and if you want any of them please tell me ! they have sale now, half price ! and then there is a place, Valencia Pizza and Pasta, where you can come in your old overalls and t-shirt and get splendid dinner and drinks, and relax ! and the waitress said: yes this place is not stuck up ! (didn’t know that term before !) and therefore she has been working there for 17 years ! it is heaven for me when there is a restaurant where I can go and be completely accepted as I am ! and then go to a similar place, Mission pie, and get some delicious pie and tea or coffee and enjoy life ! and go out and see palms and green hills ! that is heaven on earth for me at least ! and that is good enough for me ! and then I got some nice key overalls (and I have too many !:) but I’m obsessed with overalls, forgive me !

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  1. Laury Bourgeois permalink
    June 24, 2011 3:27 am

    I’m just loving the photos on this post-such a photographyer you are! It looks like a wonderful neighborhood to make home for six months. Safe travels home and lots of hugs to your Mom-Laury

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