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Australia is not just opera, but also overalls folks, of course

July 1, 2011

Yesterday I ran over the blogs of Nelly and Sarah showing that the overalls fever have spread to, or always been in?, Australia. Australians are in any case ready for overalls party. Perhaps one day overalls can turn into a kind of universal folk costume ? a costume without limiting your movements or being too warm or heavy, but just right and comfortable, the folk costume for good solid life on earth ! and it even gets better as the overalls get more worn and need patches etc. etc. and I actually enjoy being back in my farmhouse, cutting the lawn, biking on my bicycle up facing the blowing wind and buying some fresh fish from the mobile fishery shop coming directly from the coastal fishermen. It is just the perfect environment for testing out all my new overalls bought in thrift stores in San Francisco ! Have a nice overall weekend Niels/bibprofessor

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  1. July 2, 2011 7:11 am

    Hey there Niels, thanks for the shout out! I have been wearing overalls since I was a little kid – they are certainly nothing new here, though of course they come in and out of fashion… but I don’t care about fashion! It’s so nice to see some like minded folks.

    Did you see my post from Thursday ( – I am wearing an overall/aprony/thingy that I have had since 1985!

    Sarah xxx

    • bibprofessor permalink*
      July 2, 2011 7:33 am

      thanks Sarah, yes, I saw your post and I will send it the link to my wife, I’m sure she will love your 85-thing ! Actually it was not before in 2001 I really discovered the overalls, except from the political correct period in early ’70ties !, being in the academic system, being a professor, it is not overalls which come first !:) but now, I don’t care ! and I really enjoy that there are folks out there like you and others, who share that joy! have an overall lovely weekend Niels

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