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favorite overalls or overalls for many occasions

July 8, 2011

Hello from my Danish farmhouse, where I enjoy cutting the lawn by my hand driven lawn cutter, wearing my favorite summer overalls, pointer brand, being so well worn out so I can wear them even if it is hot, either here or at Stanford or in San Francisco ! This post is inspired by my dear overalls friend Laury, talking about her favorite overalls and how she prefer them a bit worn out/soft, not being too stiff, neither being too much, so people stare on you, just being right somehow. I prefer well worn overalls, getting the very nice patina through use. I wonder if it is easier for me as a man to wear these overalls, not so obliged to look “nice” if you know what I mean, I don’t know. Actually I also realize it was even for me much easier to wear overalls the way I like in US than in Denmark, despite Denmark being a farming land etc. ! Here in Denmark, you have to be a farmer or a construction worker or something like that ! You may also be accepted if you are an craft/artist, so I try to look like an artist. Still people are looking at me contrary in US, but being 62, I have the privilege in most situations not bother or care about that ! But I am considering what overalls I’m wearing for different occasions, so from right to left, a really well worn out pair of Key, which I use for campus, when it is not too hot weather !, comfy, and then my Osh Kosh dress up overalls, also a bit washed out, but somehow they look more proper than my other worn out overalls, don’t know why ! and then my black Ben Davis dress up overalls used for Christmas and like, and finally a pair of dickies, so far not being used, very stiff and I wonder when if ever I will wear, perhaps I’ll be buried in them !:) I any case, have a nice overall weekend no matter how, just be sure you feel comfortable in more than one sense. If you feel physical comfortable, but feel socially uncomfortable because folks are staring at you, you can decide either not to wear them or don’t care and enjoy being special, and now I will stop my rambling on overalls, at least for today !:)

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  1. Laury Bourgeois permalink
    July 10, 2011 1:24 pm

    Ok Niels, you’ve laid the gauntlet down. I’m going to have to take a photo of those nasty overalls I was telling you about and post something on them over at the blog. Mine make yours look they are new and pristine right off the shelf. I contacted Jan today since I’m thinking about something dressier in black and fun in red with white polka-dots…we shall see. Happy Sunday-Laury

  2. bibprofessor permalink*
    July 10, 2011 7:52 pm

    great, really looking forward to see the photo/post ! I also see I have to reconsider my claim of male/female difference, again overalls transgress all these traditional roles ! I must confess that I as a child was scared of getting dirty, so I have almost an existential project now to get dirty as much as possible (really happy about having this farm house as my retirement home) so you challenge me / inspire to do that, on Tuesday I start working on making a combined concrete/brick floor in our shed/booth, so I am making progress !:) and it really sounds as if you have project on trying out more fancy or fun overalls, for overalls day party ?!

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