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my future life, from today and onwards, is here ?

July 11, 2011

Today I’m sitting in my new studio/library in my farmhouse, furnished mostly by all my old stuff, all the way back to my childhood and youth, and it has a fantastic atmosphere and I feel really at home here, ready to write and make scientific and not scientific books, drama, operas etc. and relax by watching a dvd and to sort all my photos from our family life in the last 35 years, what a dream and it is real here after several days of packing and moving boxes around and suddenly we, my wife and I have the best room for our shared activities, fantastico, and in between we can go out and have lunch or dinner in front of our house. Today, the facilities are ready for a lot of wonderful work in the coming many years ! but I also hope to do a lot of work outside the house, making me and my overalls dirty and nasty ! in my younger days I was scared to death by the possibility of gettin dirty, but now I want to feel the warm muddy soil almost inside myself to balance my “cleaner” life inside a nice working room with beautiful music! things have to be complementary, you cannot just have dirt and not just purity, you need some degree of both ! so yes, I believe my future lies in these beautiful surroundings in some way or another ! I’m much more optimistic today than the other day !

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