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My passions overall part II: creating opera !

October 16, 2011

One should not believe overalls and opera could go together, but in my case it works perfect, especially in the creating/rehearsing process. In workshops and rehearsals, you can easily wear overalls, especially when you are the boss, no need of asking anybody of permission. It is also somehow really fun and great to work with the parts back and forth before the actual performance. I must also admit that yesterday I took my nice jeans on for the opening night of the HDlive MET broadcasts of opera here in Tromsø just like many other places around the world, but when Bodil has made a really nice knitted jacket, I’ll wear my black overalls ! but, but opera aria can make me crying, I’m sold to opera so much that I’m making my own opera as well as my own opera company ! see ! The two photos are from 2006 workshop in Berkeley with my own opera, libretto by myself and music by my landlord here in Tromsø, a composer and the other photo is of two opera singers, one, Bess (Karen Slack) standing in Stanford, California and the other one, Porgy (Daniel Hallström) in Stockholm singing I love you Porgy and other duets. I have written most of the libretto on cafés, another of my passions ! and yesterday I think I learned a bit more on how a libretto, the text to be sung in opera, should be written by listening to Anna Netrebko in the role as Anna Bolena in Donizetti’s Anna Bolena, the text should have its own life in the air ! and now I must do some of my work I get paid for, Academic work !:) have a nice Sunday, more about my passions in the coming week !

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