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My overall passions part III: walking

October 22, 2011

Some may wonder how it is possible to live today without being able to drive a car ! Well, it works just fine for me and my wife, neither of us can drive a car, but we are traveling around the world and experience a lot by taking public transportation and if that is not possible it goes either by bicycling or if at all possible just to walk ! Walking is a kind of way of living, since you really gets a lot of thoughts going through your head and resolved many inner conflicts by just walking and get it out of your body through walking ! The 2 first photos are taken from around Stinson Beach north of San Francisco and you see much on your way, especially a lot of flowers making you happy. but it is not only in the woods we are walking, but also a lot of walking in cities, not least when the city authorities make a whole street free of cars and other motor vehicles, allowing pedestrians and bicyclists to fill the whole street as they did in San Francisco on Valencia in May this year ! and then it is soon time for moving to the next passions, cafés, coffee and cakes, more soon !

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