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What is good life for me ? living in patched overalls with a big smile !

November 21, 2011

After another great overalls day, getting in contact with creative overalls folks around the world, one of the shared joys are also the patches, often needed to ensure that you can keep wearing your favorite overalls, being your favorite because you have been wearing them for years and they are a kind of part of you ! In my youth my father realized his big dream and became a farmer with a lot of sheep while he also worked as an architect in Copenhagen. Therefore we had a farm manager, who took care of the farm in the absence of my father and his wife took care of their two boys and me, since I moved from Copenhagen to the farm and changed from being a city boy to be a tractor boy, and got a lot of help from the managers wife, who was a wonderful stand in for my mother in Copenhagen, and one of the thing I remember were her overalls, and after several seasons of potato harvesting, laying down on the bare field and pick up potatoes, her overalls were patched all over and full of dirt all the way up, but always with a big laughter and smile, since then I have connected well worn and well used patched overalls with good life ! Now turning to my own life, my wife is not into overalls, and that’s of course ok, you can live a good life without overalls, believe it or not 🙂 but she has all the way since the 70ties been doing patches on her own thing and not least on my things and still doing it with a lot of funny fabrics with elephants or different colors etc. Before I started on overalls, I had jeans, covered with faces on the front as well on the back, and one pair of cut off denims were actually a shared pair with patches we have both made. Going back to my move to the countryside in ’63, I got a jeans jacket from my brother who got it in 61, 50 years ago, and I still have it, although patched and I have a little bit of difficulties in wearing it !:) but well, all this kind of clothes, overalls, jackets cut offs, they sort of have their own patina and becomes treasures just like silver ! and my overalls I’m wearing now soon needs a new patch. I think you can see patches small steps in making a good sturdy life based on simple living, hard work with a smile and a laughter ! That’s what I learned in my youth of a fantastic woman in patched overalls and what I am trying to practice as much as possible together with my wife and my family, each day being a test, enjoy your daily life !

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  1. November 24, 2011 5:55 pm

    Wonderful blog and wonderful story, Niels. My patches caused a bit of aggravation on the leg areas, so I decided to patch underneath the worn spot and then use a scissor to cut the worn area away. Sometimes it leaves a little fringe. I’ve tried making my own pics and transferring to cloth, then use the iron on fusible web, but it doesn’t hold hup in washing. You must learn to make stencils and paint your overalls with fabric paint.

    • bibprofessor permalink*
      November 24, 2011 7:55 pm

      Thanks Kate, yes, there are many different ways of patching and the stencil format sounds really exciting ! it could be really fun ! Apropos stencils, You know I and my wife have been in San Francisco several times, last time in half a year, the Spring term this year, and we lived in our favorite neighborhood, Mission, where there a lot of stencil arts on the pavements, but stencil on my overalls, yes, and btw I’m going on a Christmas shopping tour to SF in the middle of December, I am going to thrift some “new” old overalls ! have a wonderful thanksgiving day ! niels

  2. Anonymous permalink
    December 27, 2011 4:56 am

    Hi Niels-Love the story and the patching-Happy Holidays one more time-Love, Laury

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