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attempt to get started again with daily blogging, not only about overalls

March 9, 2012

I have sort of gotten out of daily blogging as I more did some years ago, but now I’ll try again. While overalls still are essential for me everyday, it is far from being so problematic or difficult to wear as it was 5 years ago, when I started to blog and even 11 years ago, when I sort of re-discovered the overalls. Actually it is not a problem for me any more to wear overalls more or less all the time. That means, that it is neither a problem not to wear them, when I feel it very difficult and problematic to wear them. That includes business- meetings, where I some times acts as chairman. In that case, to wear overalls would just be a distraction from the main agenda and make it more difficult for me to be relaxed and that would just be crazy. In the 90’ties when I was in my forties, I was very insisting on being different and tried to be a biker (read MC club) type, as in this photo from ’92, and wore all too tight clothes, stupid, tried to be tough !:) well, I was in my 40ties and tried to stay young:) now I’m in my ’60ties and feel young and acknowledge my age at the same time and relax in my well worn overalls ! more tomorrow, and ok, I still write about overalls, but tomorrow more about other things I promise, coffee !:)

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