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More Winter – snow all over

March 12, 2012

There is no doubt whether we have winter or not up here. We have a lot of snow and we can have it until May or June. One summer, it snowed in July !! July was a green Winter ! it was around 10-12 years ago. The snow we have right now may melt and go away, but more will come and it can come quite quickly. Life does not stop for that reason as I mentioned yesterday. Busses are having chains on their wheels and then you have these smart vehicles, “spark-støtting” a kind of skate/slide, in the photo between the bikecycle (with spikes on the wheels) and the car, and you can see young as well as pretty old (in their 70-80ties) people go very fast down the mountains into town ! so snow is a kind of default condition most of the year, and it feels strange and wrong if we don’t have snow now. Still some good food is not bad !

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