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A fantastic gastronomic experience in overalls in a Bank ! and a bit of being Danish!

April 16, 2012

Yesterday on Sunday, I had a day off on my own in Leeds, and went by a Bank and then I saw Jamie’s Italian Restaurant, what Jamie Oliver, yes, it is his place, and I went and felt so much at home in my old baggy overalls and was of course served by really nice servants, relaxed and smart, really nice food ! which tasted delicious and was explained in a seldom down to earth way, no yuppie style ! oh, fantastic place in addition to the Art galleries and Henry Moore Institute and then when I went to the airport, folks were following soccer match and drinking pines of beer, but this sign also tells me that once upon a time, this place was part of the Danish Viking Empire, including England, Normandy, Northern Germany, Southern Sweden, Norway etc. For those of you, who don’t know Danish, I can tell you that “BY” means city so all British cities ending on BY” are old Danish towns ! well, perhaps it is good that Denmark is no longer a big empire, but a small democratic country, small is sometimes better than big ! and now I’m actually in Copenhagen in small Denmark !

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