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a hint of French and Chinese in my old hometown, Copenhagen, still wonderful !

April 18, 2012

Before I finish my monthlong travel and comes back to Tromsø, now with Midnight sun, I just spent a few days here in my old hometown, where I was born 63 years ago. It is to a very big extent the old same town, where I know to walk and many places look the same as in the 50ties, believe it or not. Copenhagen is also an international city with a French book café, where you get really nice tea and lemon tart, and then you have the old tea shop, Perch’s tea, opened in 1835 ! and still have the same direct imported tea from China and India ! I may have given an impression of only drinking coffee, but I’m also fond of tea, good tea ! and you get really good tea there. and after having bought tea, you can go into Copenhagen Music theatre next door or to Round tower, Rundetårn, from the 17th century ! there are also modern buildings in Copenhagen of course, but I just love this old part of Copenhagen and feel very home. I believe this is the only place where I could walk around being blinded ! that is sort of test of where you really is at home. Anyway I feel home many places and now it is time to go north !

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