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Facebook as a kind of living biography

April 20, 2012

Yesterday was fantastic in at least 2 senses, first there was an incredible beautiful light on our tallest mountain, Tromsdalstinden, with a subtle red light, which I posted on facebook. The second way in which yesterday was fantastic, was that many of the “likes” and comments to my facebook-post came from both people I am in daily contact with and people I relatively seldom have contact, showing the fantastic quality of facebook as a kind of living memory or biography. I felt almost being in a “Here is your life” event. First I got from my wife, my older brother, an American “exchange student” brother, who lived at our family in ’59, and a nephew. The really telling thing was that I also got “likes” and comments from one of my schoolmates from Elementary school in Copenhagen in the late ’50ties/early 60ties (more than 50 years ago), two from my high school in Silkeborg in late ’60ties (remember trying in vain to play badminton !), some of my first students at library school in Denmark in late ’70ties and early ’80ties, some of the Danish librarians I worked together with in ’70ties and 80’ties, some of my colleagues in my Documentation field, some of my students from Tromsø; then one of my opera friends hopefully going to direct a world opera and finally my dear overalls friends, some of them I only know online, but will see one of them later this year ! Overall it is amazing how you within one day can get in touch with people who as a whole cover most of your life 50-60 years back. So yes, I am grateful we have Facebook ! it is not perfect, no way, but that’s life neither. Have an overall wonderful weekend

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  1. Tammy permalink
    April 21, 2012 12:55 am

    Yes, it is true that Facebook is wonderful in that way! I love following and hearing from friends from all parts of my life – I have learned to appreciate how we are all different, yet the same, in those sharings. Thank you for a very beautiful post!

  2. April 22, 2012 3:54 am

    Hi Niels-you’re right about the very positive side to FB. Even though I have issues with other parts, I’m working on it. Love the views in Tromso! Happy Sunday-Love, Laury

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