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Winter insists coming back – daylight all night now, almost – and 641 days left in the North

April 30, 2012

As Yes, today it started to snow again and back is winter as it use to be, until some time in late May,where you have Spring, lasting one day, and then it is Summertime ! strange, but not up here. Now as I write it starts to darken a bit and the time is 6 minutes past 10 in the evening, so it really begins to be daylight all night as well ! and tonight you could not see the mountains across the water, it is really fascinating with all these kind of clouds, colors, light and dark etc. etc. no matter what the weather is up here, it is fascinating. Never the less, I must admit an earlier spring would not be bad and that is what I’ll get in 641 days from now. My first day of the project went well, making young colleagues excited about what they can do in the future taking over from me and I can enjoy the whole thing from the sideline, giving hopefully some good advice ! Have a nice May 1st. international all over, overall !

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