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Spring is coming and now there are 639 days left !

May 2, 2012

Now Spring is on its way, and 639 days left before I retire. It may sound weird to give it so much attention, but it is important every single day because I’m close to get involved in planning things going beyond that day ! and I have found out that in order to finish my writing, I need to clear the time to be able to write and not to organize and negotiate things concerning the future where I’m not here anymore, but leave it to young people to decide what next. But I can tell you, it is not easy to get rid of responsibility, if you have been a little bit successful, especially in fundraising ! People try to tell me, what to do and then afterwards I find out, oh, no that is no longer my duty and responsibility ! You have to cut through, to break through. It might makes you unpopular, but I assume that’s the price ! Anyway it is exciting how it all works now in the coming 639 days, overall in overalls

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