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Good life is more than hot weather and money…. over all

May 28, 2012

In the very moment I’m writing this post, it snows and snows from above, a bit strange after having seen the green leaves coming out and trees begin to blossom and then down to around freezing point now ! Well, with a warm sweater, warm overalls and woolen socks, you are well ! and it helps a lot to have coffee, but also to have good blogging friends like Tammy sharing thoughts about what is important in life despite for instance facing loss of loved places through generations. For me it is great to have a job and doing interesting projects, no doubt about that, but what really makes me happy are more and more small things, like making our own hummus, scones, jam and cookies following the recipes on the fridge or to sit in my most baggy overalls and write either blog, poetry or scientific articles on my laptop with a cup of coffee and looking on my window sill with some of my heroes and heroines, to the left, Svend Olufsen and Peter Bang, the founders of Bang and Olufsen Radio and Television factory, saying: never give up your will to create the best, continuously to look for new ways of doing things; and then in the middle, Anne Sophie Seidelin, a story teller and theologist, who was able to tell the Bible with humor and wisdom in ways, kids, teens, middle aged and old people could enjoy and no matter if she traveled around in the countryside to tell stories or going to meetings in the Danish Bible commission, she always wore either blue overalls or coveralls, “she didn’t have time to iron a dress:)” she gave priority to enjoy life, and she and her husband decided not to obey the Scandinavian unwritten law “don’t think you are something!” The last heroine, the lady in red, is a Danish author and one of the first Danish feminists, Thit Jensen, who proclaimed: ” Be bold, follow your intuition, draw your own conclusions, even if they challenge the current trends, only in this way, the written can be true !” I love all these people and I daily try to follow their example. A good help for that is my little tiny notebook, where I list all my tasks for the day and cross them out, when I’m done. In this way I can see that I have done something and its size makes it easy to have it with me all over. The last picture on my sill I’ll mention is the one with a camping-tent. When our kids were kids, we went on bike cycle every summer going to places in Denmark, Germany or Sweden and stayed in tents at camping sites. Although some time our kids wished we had gone to Gran Canaria or Mallorca, I’m glad we went with tent ! I also think our kids today somehow appreciate we did it ! And we have not stop camping, actually we are going to camp this summer, in the Pyrenees, hopefully before it starts to snow there ! that’s another story to tell. Until a new post, enjoy your simple life all over.

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  1. Tammy permalink
    May 28, 2012 7:58 pm

    This just left me with the biggest smile, the sunniest outlook! Thank you for writing not just of wisdom and joy, but for writing with such a positive voice and embracing of the overall-way-of life! Cheers! I am inspired to organize a camping trip now 🙂

    • bibprofessor permalink*
      May 28, 2012 8:13 pm

      great and the good thing with camping is also that in this way, many places become memorable and a BIG smile 🙂 back to you, believe me, I’m daily inspired by your posts as well.

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