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Going personal in projects

June 3, 2012

After in many years tried to build large organizations / institutions with boards etc. I think I finally have found out that I can make projects in my own name and based on my own personality ! My wife has for many years tried to convince me about that and I have been surrounded by many great people doing personal projects, but this weekend I was especially very inspired indirectly and directly by 2 great persons in different ways. The first one is the Catalan viola da gamba player Jordi Savall who last Thursday received a Danish Music Award, Leonid Sonning Price Award, former given to Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett,Leonard Bernstein etc. etc. Savall has been working for 40 years to bring early music from different cultures together by bringing musicians from cultures, in many cases in war or conflict with each other,and get them to play together before they talk politics! It is world project and at the same time a very personal project. The other person I’m inspired is also inspired by me and that makes me really happy. It is Michelle Hoffee, who has patched her old overalls very creatively with old flour sacks from her home town. She has also patched in similar way the 25 years old overalls she has from her late father and now wearing themselves. That is also a very personal project, telling a personal story in a very beautiful way. Instead of hiding history by buying new clothes all the time, Michelle shows through the patches her history,demonstrating that we have a history, a lot of memories inspiring to be creative in the future.
All that gives me courage to go on and make interesting projects as long as I live in a very personal way without a lot of boards and bureaucracy (at least as little as possible), hopefully to the benefit of my surrounding world. I will write books, study the history of opera, make new kinds of opera, do thrift excavations and patching projects on overalls, bring creative overalls folks together and last but not least cultivate my garden (especially Verbascum) and take care of my dear family. Does this sound very familiar and something you have heard before from me ?, yes, but for me it is different knowing I can legitimate all this work, just because I think it is important and great for me and not because a board has told me it is great ! It took some time to learn that I’m ok, just myself together with a lot of great people around, so here we go. Have an overall nice week.

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  1. June 3, 2012 9:06 pm

    This is it!!!!! You got it! My husband is a musician and I am an artist and gardener. We have never had any other jobs the these. We thrive in our home and withbour travels. Follow your heart and the universe provide….creating, connecting with people and the Earth is conscious living!

    • bibprofessor permalink*
      June 4, 2012 5:14 pm

      Thanks a lot Michelle, you are so right, and I really don’t understand why it took so many years for me to get the courage to say: “hello, I’m here and I’m gonna do it” but luckily I feel as if I was young and I’m in good shape, so I’m looking forward to share it with you guys and many other creative people around the world !

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