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Summertime: time for thinking about life, life-style and decide where to go over all !

July 13, 2012

Sometimes you need to consider in general where to go in life, since in many cases, at least in my life, one action in one direction may imply a lot of consequences and require certain follow up actions and exclude other options ! Perhaps a bit too philosophical, but in ’88, 39 year old, I left a good regular job without having a new job, for several reasons and one of them was to consider what to do with life in general. After a lot of walking up and down on a beach and many other things, I ended up at the Northernmost University, making a new program in Documentation studies, and living in a beautiful city. I now see one of the very unforeseen consequences of that adventure was my North American adventure. In ’99, I went for the very first time to US, to San Francisco, to visit people in Silicon Valley and at Berkeley. It also led me to visits in the most funky neighborhood in San Francisco, Mission, my future 3rd home. I have been staying there in longer periods ever since, and in May 2001, I found my first overalls in one of the wonderful thrift-stores, a big day ! That implied that I was sticking to a kind of hippie/relaxed lifestyle and not trying to adjust to any yuppie style or more classical professor style with jacket and tie etc. Never the less I still continued to act in Academia and organize a lot of projects, conferences etc. in environments, where overalls are very seldom, if not very strange ! At the same time, through my blog, I started to know a lot of other overalls folks, mostly folks doing a mixture of art, gardening and farming, very practical stuff, far away from my Academic life, but close to my youth, living on a farm with a lot of sheep and going to high school in a small town with artists, modern jazz and experimental cinema. At the end of high school, I was dreaming of becoming either librarian or horticulturalist, but due to bad grades, I could not enter either of them, so I became historian and became teacher at the Library school.
In 2014, I’m retiring and becoming emeritus and then I can devote much of my time to gardening as I originally was dreaming about ! and perhaps my overalls adventure have led me to that ! but I’ll also continue to write libretto/texts for operas, which I have been doing for many years, a thing I can do in-between I cultivate my garden or I should say our garden since my wife has been the main force so far in maintaining and improving the garden ! I’ll probably continue to do some academic work, but that will be on the side of the main job in the garden. So that was a very long way of saying that I believe my overalls is an important symbol for me, telling me where to go in my exciting and blooming 3rd age !

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  1. July 14, 2012 4:02 am

    Sounds like a wonderful 3rd Age to me Niels…keep planning! Love, Laury

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