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Magic living history along the river

October 20, 2012

On our way back and forth along the river from Cadrieu to Cajarc, we walked on this path, surrounded by gardens, all very carefully kept full of flowers and not least a lot of attractive vegetables, in all their colors and shapes, telling a very long history of Les Jardins de potager, kitchen gardens been there all way back to the Medieval ages and up till now. I must admit that in the first round, I thought these gardens were a part of the workers movement in late 19th century, but no, these have been along the river for centuries and they even have their own chapel, The chapel is dedicated to Sainte-Marguerite, the protector of the sailors working on the boats on the river bringing both wine down the river and the huge sandstone blocks up the river for building the Cathedrals of Cahors, Cajarc etc. One of the sailors had a bride, named Marguerite, who got bewitched by a local magician just before their marriage, but at this place she was found and freed of her spell. Still young couples are coming by the chapel after they have been married to be blessed for their future home. In other words, living magic just there by the veggies, the chapel, but now it is almost time to get back on the railroad except it is PARTY-TIME!

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