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back on the tale road, arriving to La Haute Pyrenees

December 23, 2012

It’s a while ago, I started on the tale about our fantastic journey in September to Le Lot and the Pyrenees in France, but now in the Holidays, I have again time to go on and on September 1st, we came to a kind of capital in La Haute Pyrenees, Bagnères de Bigorre, and had booked a hotel room at La Ruche doillette,2012-09-02-694 not knowing it was a kind of bed and breakfast, but it was nice to be in a kind of home-like setting after the stay at Laury, 2012-09-02-691 and then next morning, we went out to the big flea market, 2012-09-02-697

2012-09-02-706 and we found things we might have bought, if we didn’t were on a hiking tour on foot requiring to carry eventual treasures on the back ! so we could relax and just enjoy the market, before we went out to the camping site, our first tent adventure !

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