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A book recommendation about life being something and the risk of that kind of life

February 5, 2013

Following my post the other day, I would like to do something I have not yet done before, recommending a book by Barbara Ehrenreich, Fear of falling from 1989, but this book is about what I talked about in my last post, about the life trying to be something, not least in its most modern version, the yuppie life style, and its high price, creating a constant fear of FALLING, read more about it here, and even if it is from 1989, it is still very relevant ! and it helped me to not to be afraid of falling down ! If you stand on your feet in your overalls in your garden and rest your hands on your shovel, no reason for being afraid of falling down ! very simple, when you have experienced ! but as long you believe it is paradise to be something, it can be hard to discover the simple truth ! that’s how life is and why it is exciting to see what happens next, be ready !

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