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Tromsø now as a kind of visitor, taking a closer look walking around the island !

February 9, 2013

It is interesting to come to Tromsø now as a visitor staying at the hotel, but still work and also know the place so well after having lived here in more than 18 years. Tromsø is not only a city, but also an island 360px-tromso since the word for an island in Danish / Norwegian is a one letter word, Ø, so Troms-ø is literally translated, the Island of Troms (name of the county), as you can see. I stay at a hotel at the southern point of the island down to the sea, so this morning I decided to walk up along the coast of the island as I have wished many times, but just being too busy and taken the bus instead, until today, so I started this morning, 2012-02-09 10.28.21 walking along the sea and just take photos, 2012-02-09 10.29.592012-02-09 10.32.172012-02-09 10.49.40 This shot of a bus shelter at Sorgenfri (=free of sorrows) is the place where my mother also came in ’93, 79 years old. I,20 years after, still feel so happy that she accomplished to travel all way in train and bus in 30 hours from Denmark up here ! 2012-02-09 10.56.392012-02-09 11.33.52and I walked and walked and finally came to a bus station, 2012-02-09 11.37.42 and came downtown and went on to a café in a former butcher shop 2013-02-09-2070 and then I went out and watch one of the many competitions up here, the championship in lasso, 2012-02-09 13.21.19 before I went home and saw the most beautiful sunset in the south 2012-02-09 15.53.47

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  1. February 11, 2013 2:13 pm

    Gorgeous shots Niels! What a wonderful…albeit cold-walk!

  2. bibprofessor permalink*
    February 11, 2013 7:47 pm

    thanks Laury, it was a great experience, finally to do it, have thought of it doing it many times, sitting in the bus ! 🙂 hope you are well in NO , love Niels

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