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Spring is here – I can document it !

February 28, 2013

2013-02-25-2185 First came the snowdrops, and today we saw the first eranthis,2013-02-28-2188 so now it is for sure documented (and I’m professor in Documentation Studies !:) so believe me, Spring is coming !
It has been really winter here 2013-02-16-2149 although not as cold as in our former countryside in Norway, 2013-02-13-2130 but cold it has been also here, 2013-02-17-2154, but today it is Spring, but we, Bodil and I, still need to, as always in good collaboration, to cut woods for the fire-oven 2013-02-28-21932013-02-28-2194 but it is so nice to be out again in garden and cut old branches and just be outside and not freezing a lot, even if it is still weather for the insulated overalls, so Tammy, Spring is hopefully also near in Vermont 🙂 and again another tra-la-la blog post, well, apparently it is the way I’m blogging, talking about the bright side of life, why bother you with my thoughts when I’m grumpy and tired etc. !:) Have a nice weekend !

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