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Back in snow land and on a wild tour celebrating a new life !

April 6, 2013

2013-04-06-2380After celebrating Spring in my new home in Denmark, I went back to my work up in the North, in Tromsø, and woke up to this snow, right now with a snow depth around 1.5 meter, probably increasing today, eventually close to 2 meter at average ! and when I walk to my office at campus, 2013-04-04-2354 I see snow and snow, and when I am eating my food in the cafeteria I can enjoy snow art 2013-04-02-2343 and after having my very last regular class yesterday, I went on a socalled “Blue” adventure tour with my colleagues at the Music Conservatory. Nobody except the small group who organized the tour, where we were going and then we ended up like this 2013-04-05-2361 and going like this2013-04-05-2360 quite amazing and actually not as scary as I expected when I realized no return, but just hang on, quite a nice celebration of the end of my 39 years of teaching ! more about that in another post !

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