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Life at a crossroad – from theory to practice or back to the joyful dirt

September 10, 2013

2013-09-10-3646Sitting bare feet in my overalls, in my office2013-09-10-3650 trying to select the books to keep and the ones to give to colleagues or to recycling after 18 years teaching here in Tromsø,2013-09-10-3649 and about 40 years IMG_20130908_0008, I feel I’m really starting a new life when I retire, doing more practical things, joining the technicians 09052008260 and gardening, also inspired by the gardener in Tromsø, Petra, who are in charge of the gardening environment on campus2013-09-10-3651, including a kind of botanical garden all over, 2013-09-10-36362013-09-10-3643 and I have always been a bit envious on her and her folks, at one point working in pink overalls outside when I was working inside teaching ! but now I also in some way get back to my best time of my youth, IMG_20130908_0002 in my summer vacations at my grandmother in her summer house, far away from my father and requirements of dressing up, so I could enjoy good life in baggy worn out jeans, felt an extraordinary freedom, and now it is my everyday life !

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