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Jacket obsession : part 2: Revolutionary jackets from 70ties

October 12, 2013

First, I must admit that I was not a very revolutionary guy in the 70’ties, but it was a time where there was a lot of revolutionary talk, not least related to China and their “Chairman” Mao, demanding all people to wear the blue “Mao” jacket 2013-09-27-3784 and I still have it, although I didn’t wore it much back then, but it was bought by my former wife, when she was in China in ’75, but it is a bit of fun to have it ! Unfortunately I don’t have the other revolutionary jacket, or perhaps is it more a revolutionary coat, because it simply deteriorated at one point. I wore it a lot, not only on the Red Square in Moscow in January ’76 in minus 26 degrees celcius ! but all back when I went to high school in late ’60’ties. familiebilleder5_0001 My mother made it out the skin from 4 of our own sheep, back in ’68, when I went to High School and I was teased by my school mates, that the Sheep coat came with me and not the other way around 🙂 but as we moved into the 70ties, it become more and more cool among hippies, who actually wore that kind of coats in summer !! I didn’t do that. I only wore it when it was cold and it was fantastic warm I can tell you, much warmer than the Afghan sheep coats my friends wore. When I see this photo of myself in 76, it is fun to see my very black hair and my very white coat and today it is opposite !:)

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