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My other obsession : Jackets, part 3: My biker jackets

October 13, 2013

When I was in the beginning of my 40’ties I thought I should be a tough guy, just like many males in their 40ties/50ties do, so I went to the Salvation Army thrift store and find a really leather biker jacket 2013-09-27-3771 and they could not be too heavy, and I seriously thought that I should ride on a motorbike, but luckily I didn’t apart from once I tried a ride on the back seat ! and I quickly found out it was not me, but I sort of like the biker life style, not the bad boys, but the simple and down to earth style, many ordinary bikers have !bikerniels and I still do even if I have somehow come back to the country side of my life, but I’m a strange mixed person, because, to be honest when I was a kid, I was actually dreaming of being Royal and things like that in contrast to the simple and down to earth style I prefer today ! and I actually still have an elegant jacket, very seldom used, more about that tomorrow !

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