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My first coveralls! and it is Spring time, at least for now

January 9, 2014

2014-01-09-4795 Today I got my very first coveralls! I have actually never thought I would buy coveralls, but after having been here in our farmhouse on daily basis, not least during the fall, I must admit that I have been thinking it would be great to have them when the wind is blowing strongly together with a lot of rain, so you have to fight against the wind in order to walk up to town. I have decided to follow the saying: weather cannot be bad, only the clothing can be bad or wrong, so if I want to stay here I better get a pair of coveralls! I don’t know if that means I am not going to wear insulated overalls anymore. I think I might change btw overalls and coveralls and some time prefer one of the other. Today I was out testing the coveralls and I really feel comfortable in them! they are a bit too long, but otherwise perfect, not too tight and not too baggy, but I promise, I won’t make any coveralls day ! 🙂 I’ll just enjoy wearing them 2014-01-09-4802and then I have to tell all of you, but especially you folks on the other side of the Atlantic, freezing as hell, that today I saw the first sign of Spring, snowdrops coming up,2014-01-09-4800 so be patient, Spring will also come to you. On the other side, the forecast says we will get below freezing point next week, so Spring may have a break, but it will come again! and I’ll come again, tomorrow as officially an old man, turning 65! cannot understand it! well, I still think I’m about middle age so I’m ready for a new exciting life in both overalls and coveralls, covering any kind of weather!

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