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local fashion news “Harboøre” tuxedo and new compost

January 17, 2014

2014-01-09-4795 In the last photo I called my new dress coveralls, but now I have learned the local name of it “Harboøre” Tuxedo/dinner dress, and what does that mean?. It means that the fishermen in the nearby fishing village are wearing these coveralls when they dine or party in the local inn as well as when they work in rough weather and storms. They are a must for folks out here and it is not a problem if they get dirty, that just mean you are a cool hard working guy, female or male, young or old ! 2014-01-17-4829 and they are just perfect enabling you to go out no matter what kind of weather it is and work on closing your old compost and starting a new one. 2014-01-17-4831 In the last post I talked about Spring, well today it snowed, 2014-01-17-4828 but in your “Harboøre” Tuxedo you don’t care which season it is!

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