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Only 6 days left before becoming emeritus – a new life is coming !

January 25, 2014

2014-01-25-4902 Now back in the Arctic North, in Tromsø, yesterday my colleagues celebrated me with many things, especially with 2 lectures for me. One was with my Berkeley colleague, professor emeritus Michael Buckland, 2014-01-24-4896 who went up early Friday morning around 4am, in California to make a lecture for me, that was something I must say, feel very honoured about that. Later one of my local colleagues joiked for me, so it was really fantastic to experience what good friends I have and have had in the last 20-25 years up here. Although I’ll continue to come to Tromsø one week each semester, I’m about yo empty my office and that is hard to do, when you have papers, notes and books from a long life in Academia and research ! 2014-01-25-4904 but in order to be able to breathe in our farmhouse I need to throw a lot of paper away! Well, notes from my early studies 40 years, which I have never used later on, there are no reason to keep them after all ! Will keep you posted about my new life and tell you how different or the same it is going to be! one thing will be the same, the overalls !:)

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