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After almost a month as emeritus – a bit struggling also with the wind

February 23, 2014

IMAG0046 While listening to the wind blowing outside, I’m now trying to figure out how and what to tell about the last couple of weeks, unfortunately delayed by a stupid falling off the bicycle, causing a “wounded” hand IMAG0048 could have been worse, but irritating not being able to continue the work outside IMAG0038 I must admit that it is a bit hard to get used NOT to get many emails every day, to be involved in day to day things on job etc. so I need to fill my day myself and it begins to work with writing, as good as possible with 1.5 hand, watching series on Netflix !, yes true, never done before and reading novels, also something not done for years although I have taught librarians! enjoying it a lot and of course walking, today out in the wind IMAG0116_BURST002_COVERIMAG0109down to one of our beaches and have a look IMAG0101 and as usual Bodil found a documentation of animals thousand / million years ago IMAG0095 so I’m not complaining much, only a little bit, but it disappears when I find this memory from our interrail trip to France 2 years ago2012-09-15-1450 and today we actually had Apple muffins after our windy trip, so all in all, overall emeritus life is not that bad, more soon when I have 2 hands to write with

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