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After 3 months as emeritus – life is still great and fantastic!

May 1, 2014

IMAG1176 I’m back on the blog now having my 2 hands working 100 % without any gypsum, so I can tell you how life is after I have been emeritus / retired in 3 months. I must admit! I cannot complain about life. As I said earlier, we are not rich in economically sense, but life as emeritus begins to find its own rhythm consisting of 3 parts. The first part is to take care of house and especially the garden, in these days mostly with digging and loosening the soil to be ready for seeds and plants, while we can enjoy trees start blooming ! IMAG1170 The second part is to go and have coffee and work on a biography of one of my ancestors, a Merchant in a small town, living 200 years ago, a very frugal as well as very innovative man living in his old clothes despite his wealth and believe more in natural balance, trying to develop the best tools to cultivate natureIMAG0242 Harpøth, Jens Many of his personal notes are preserved, from technical drawings, accounts to psalms he wrote himself. These 2 parts take most of my time in daily life and then as often as possible, my wife and I take bicycles or walk to the local beach or last weekend up one hour bike ride to an old country merchant site for a regional art exhibition as well as a concert with a string quartet, playing a wonderful quartet by Beethoven, with a lot of surprises on the way through its all 6 parts and then on our bike home. IMAG1236 Any problems, well of course, yes, it is sometimes difficult to acknowledge that you are retired and not part of the daily life on campus, not getting much email asking you to do so and so, but, but, after a few minutes I realize I could not shift from digging in the garden to writing and walk down to the beach, so no reason for complaints ! I hope you are all well, and we will promise to write more often now 2013-07-31-3409

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