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Verbascum project – a revival of an old garden project

May 8, 2014

2012-09-09-1184 This is a photo of a Verbascum growing donw in the Campan valley in the Pyrenees. It is in Danish called: Kongelys, directly translated into English, King’s light, and it has been my favorite flower for ever or at least in the latst 50 years, when I saw it in Botanical garden in Copenhagen and tried to grow them in my garden, havebut the garden was too big for a teenager like me and it didn’t really work out, but my passion for this plant family is still strong and today I had seeds of 5 different sorts of Verbascum, one of them seed from the Campan plant on the photo, and 4 other different sorts, IMAG2076 and the seeds are not big IMAG2081 but I hope I’ll succeed this time. I have started a kind of King’s Light garden, IMAG2083 with five circular beds, a humble attempt to create some kind of old fashioned garden, IMAG2079 and we will see if it works. At any rate, it is really fun to do it. Happy gardening and of course doing it in overalls or coveralls 🙂

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