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Liming the house all over !

August 31, 2014

IMAG5350 Our house is not painted, it is limed! In our water, in our ground we have a lot of lime and our fjord is called Lim-fjord, the fjord of Lime. Liming is a complex chemical process in which the lime fuse together with the air and the bricks and makes a kind of protective cover for the bricks and in this way for the house. In order to do it properly, you need to prepare it properly by whipping the lime “juice” and watering the wall IMAG5349 IMAG5314IMAG5313
Bodil, my wife has done it 4 times before, but it was my first time to do it and you can see it some places on the wall with the traits of the brush going too much up and down, you cannot lie with lime!, but you can learn it and I was more precise, when we came to the end, a good feeling.IMAG5348IMAG5339 Next time is in 2016!IMAG5327#1

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